Friday, 19 June 2015

Recent TV Show Favourites

Since my exams are now officially over, instead of using my early freedom to get out and about, I have decided instead to catch up on some tv shows I've had to put aside for exams. (Okay I still watched a lot of tv while exams were on but not as much as I could...)

So these have been my favourites recently:

Of course I have been watching Game of Thrones. This season has been explosive, especially the season finale (Don't worry I won't spoil it but honestly it's still making me tear up now) 

Next is ITV's period drama, Grantchester. Set in Cambridge and based on the novels by James Runcie it follows the local vicar Sidney Chambers and police officer Geordie as they solve crimes together. The bromance is great and the scenery is beautiful and I believe portrays 1950s rural England rather well.

Then we have the Tudors. I am loving this so far but not quite enough to binge watch like the others.However it is still a favourite as it is very interesting and entertaining. Who new Henry VIII was such a brat? 

And finally we have the amazing Whitechapel. I absolutely love this TV show and the only one I can watch back to back, again and again and still enjoy it as much as the first time. It's a great, gritty, British crime drama with modern and historic twists. 

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