Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Revolution Make-Up

So today I popped into Superdrug and while wondering around the isles, feeling slightly overwhelmed as I have been on a makeup hiatus, I came across the Revolution stand. I had never heard of the brand before so obviously intrigued I made my way over and after falling in love with the palettes and then seeing the prices I thought Id give the brand ago. 

So the first eyeshadow palette I'll be talking about is called 'Run Boy Run'. 

The actual packaging of the product is just plain black with gold details but this cover drew me in to testing it out.

This reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palettes. 'Run Boy Run' like all the Salvation line includes 12 Shimmers and 6 Mattes. The shimmers have a lot of browns and neutral metal colours such as the copper and gold and then the mattes which are just on the brown and pink side of things. 

(Top row of the palette from bottom to top: Trying to catch you, Running is Victory, Sun will be guiding you, Day is a prophesy, Another day and It's time to run)

(Second row and again bottom to top: World is not meant for you, Hide behind me, Dying to stop you, Break out from society, Don't have to be a hideaway and You will be my boy.)

(And finally the mattes and I'm sure you know the order by now: Follow me, Head to the hills, Run boy run, Girl on fire, You are finally mine and Head start)

The next Salvation eyeshadow palette I brought is called 'What you waiting for?'.

I find this a beautiful transition palette for Summer to Autumn as you get the classic nudes were you don't want to wear to much in the hot summer days and then the colours get darker for the colder days where you want more drama.

(Row one, Bottom to top: We love you, Tick tock, Can't find the brake, Moving car, Do it alone and Sex chromosome)

(Second row: Now it's only me, Scary conversation, Take a chance, Shut my eyes, Stupid H... and Life is short)

(Mattes: You're capable, Super hot female, Million dollar contract, Hot track, Brand new fans and wicked style)

Then finally I picked up Blush palette in 'Hot Spice'.

I'm not typically a blush girl as I tend to go red a lot, whatever I'm doing I'll probably end up with a red face, sigh. Anyway I saw this and I just fell in love so I thought stuff it I'll give it a go. There are two blush palettes and Hot Spice is the more natural rosy one, which is why I chose it.

This is top row, unfortunately none of these colours have separate names.

And then bottom row.
These palettes cost £6 each which is very reasonable price for the quality of these palettes.

I then went on and brought two more eyeshadow palettes which are the brands normal palettes that are on offer. The first one I purchased is called 'Essential Mattes' which is a beautiful, funnily enough, matte selection of eyeshadows and highly pigmented. Also it's great for all year round.

I then brought a shimmer palette called 'Hot Smoked'. I find this palette more suitable for Autumn/Winter as it's a lot darker which means a more dramatic look more suitable for night events or the colder months. Both of these palettes are £4 each which again is great value for the product.

All these eyeshadows are best used wet and/or with an eyeshadow base for best colour pay off.

And finally we move onto the three final purchases which are lipsticks. I find the lipsticks very creamy and smooth to apply and hardly flake or dry out the longer you wear them, which can be common in cheaper lipsticks. They are also very pigmented and have great staying power which for £1 is amazing. The first lippie I brought was an orange/coral colour called 'Luscious'. Then I decided on a lilac called 'Enchant' and then finally a very deep purple for autumn/winter time called '100% Vamp'. I decided to go more adventurous with the shades instead of sticking to my normal nude pinks because they were so cheap.



'100% Vamp'

(From bottom up: 100% Vamp, Enchant and Luscious)

Over all I find this range very impressive and I know I'll be finding myself buying a lot more of their products so watch this space for any more of my new finds with the brand. Their products are available on their website and online or in Superdrug Stores. 

*I brought all these products with my own money

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